They didn’t have a vendor they could trust. Then we stepped in.


Project Description

Hill-Rom Direct is a forward-thinking global medical tech company whose mission is to ensure that medical professionals and caregivers always have inventive and dependable products to help them properly care for their patients. 


The nature of innovation demands agile thinking and quick turn-around. A well-established company like Hill-Rom knows what they want and fitting into their established process is key. How do you arrange the building blocks in a manner that presents the big picture, but are still digestible block by block? When it comes to Hill-Rom, you find the small open spaces and fill them. No need to reinvent the wheel, just make sure the wheel is well-oiled. 


Work in conjunction with Hill-Rom Direct to ensure that their as-needed assignments were completed efficiently, on schedule and on budget.

– Provide client with confidence in their vendor
– Create high-quality B2B video with expeditious turn-around time
– Continually prioritize work for effective delivery
– Simplify complex ideas


Working lean means that we work efficiently. While this approach applies to all of our clients, it has been integral to the success of our partnership with Hill-Rom. Sometimes, the best service comes from just being buttoned up. Get in, do the job and get out; causing as little disruption to your clients daily schedule as possible.

What did we learn?

It’s the small things that count. While it’s great to have huge ideas and innovative projects, sometimes simply being there for your clients when they need you is just as impactful.


Services Provided