The 5 Ws: Elementary Basics

Hope you paid attention in school because, brace yourself…your teachers were right!  Who, What, When, Where, Why.  These are the basic fundamentals of storytelling. We know it sounds “elementary” and that’s because, well…it is. Part of the discovery process at Strive is to review those facts, as simple as they may be, to ensure we understand your story and can help tell it effectively.

children raising their hands in a classroom

What makes them tick?

Part of great storytelling isn’t just understanding and telling your story, but it’s also thinking about the person listening and what they’re looking for. 

We need to remember who is going to watch your content, how they’re going to interpret it, and ultimately what they’re going to do after watching.

cat with a surprised look

Cost conscious, but don’t suck

Today, your campaign needs to be crafted for individual audiences. If it’s a new production for every interaction, your budget will be gone before you even start promoting it. At Strive, we leverage our vertical integration along with our efficiencies in shooting and editing to make sure we can change and repurpose your content without reinventing it.

Asian male movie video editor wearing denim jacket, works with footage or video on his personal computer, in his creative office studio.
video camera set up in a light studio