Technology Doesn’t Have To Be Soulless

St. Joseph Mercy Oakland

Project Description

St. Joseph Mercy Oakland is a member of Saint Joseph Mercy Health System and has been respected as a community teaching hospital for over 85 years. They are well-known for their cardiology, critical care, women’s health, trauma and orthopedics departments.


Patient care comes first. That is easy to say but harder to practice. St. Joe’s needed to find a way to get that message across in a way that left no doubt behind. Their state of the art technology works to ensure that patient health is top priority however it can be difficult to look at technology as anything other than science. We worked together to find a way to put the soul into the tech as well as helping customers find the information they need, quickly and easily on the website.


– Create promotional, educational video to highlight one of a kind environment
– Humanize brand story to make more approachable
– Utilize PPC to promote specific service lines


St. Joe’s was already a well-known and well-respected hospital. We just needed to create easily identifiable assets for their patients. Producing their Intelligent Care System video gave us an opportunity to explain and show to anyone interested in St. Joe’s that while they do utilize tech in innovative ways, at the end of the day, that tech is used to keep the patient informed, safe and healthy. 

On the digital end, we developed landing pages with forms to help increase conversions to targeted individual service lines. We also set up PPC ads for each service line as a direct response for patients who might be having difficulty finding exactly what they need from the homepage.

What Did We Learn?

Heart and soul go a long way in the medical industry. Finding ways to tell stories that are less clinical and more human will produce better results.

Services Provided