Embrace History, Streamline Communication

Ste. Anne Parish de Detroit

Project Description

Ste. Anne Parish de Detroit is the second-oldest continuously operating Catholic parish in the country. Due in part to its rich history, the parish has built a large community who expects clear communication. 


The site that Ste. Anne’s had when they approached us was old and out of date. It was clear that a ground-up redesign was necessary. Creating a look and feel for a website that accurately represented the beauty and prestige of the establishment was paramount to the job. Because their audience is so varied, determining a structured and streamlined framework to showcase their offerings was just the beginning. 


– Showcase Ste. Anne Parish de Detroit’s historical beauty
– Give the site a visual structure
– Better communicate activities, services, offerings, etc
– Guide visitors to information with minimal thought and clicks


We created a user experience that was much more streamlined, interactive and organic. We removed distracting art and instead created a focused look which in turn helped to guide the community and parishioners as they search for specific information.

What Did We Learn?

History and beauty only sell half of the story. Understanding your community and ensuring that you are speaking directly to them will help. By understanding the many different needs that your audience has, you can set out organic paths for them to discover.

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Services Provided