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Project Description

Paragon Leadership International is an executive consulting firm whose goal is to provide key services like executive coaching for those who aim to develop their leadership skills.


Changing with the times is easier said than done. Paragon Leadership knew that they were in a position to help the next generation of up and coming leaders. Updating their brand to make them more current and relevant was a given. So, how did Paragon challenge industry practices, and make evolution a priority without alienating existing clients?


– Position Paragon as the go-to source for next-generation leader development
– Update website content regularly to target new and existing audiences
– Streamline user experience
– Better organize and display information for increased engagement
– Increase calls to action
– Elevate brand awareness
– Improve satisfaction of current customer base


Building a comprehensive website entails many things, one of which is an understanding of how viewers take in information. After creating a new logo, we expanded the brand’s color palette and developed a visual hierarchy. Each color and icon therein represents a category that people can easily follow visually throughout the website, subconsciously guiding them through the pages organically.

What did we learn?

A solid business plan is not always enough. Exploration and understanding of the target audience is a key strategic step. Crafting messaging that resonates with site visitors engages and personalizes the experience. By doing these things, there is very little risk of accidentally underestimating an untapped client base.

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