They’ve Got Your Gear, We’ve Got Their Back

Nationwide Video

Project Description

Nationwide Video is a “wholesale subrental” company whose mission is to provide professional AV grade rental equipment to AV stagers.


Sometimes, being brand leaders is not enough. This is what Nationwide Video learned as smaller rental houses that offered discounted prices began to flood their market. While these businesses could provide a quick fix to an expensive dilemma, they were not able to offer the same level of service and guarantees. Nationwide needed to find a way to convey the importance of this distinction and in doing so, set them apart as the preferred AV rental option.


Position Nationwide Video as the premier industry brand in quality, availability, and accessibility. Goals that were provided by the client included:

– Update the brand image
– Be representative to who they are as a company
– Separate them from imposters
– Present them as leaders in their space
– Provide more structure and organization in their go-to-market plan


Customers who view quality as the most important factor in video equipment rentals know that Nationwide Video is the place to go. We targeted those consumers by emphasizing the existing brand story that Nationwide is less about cost and more about capability. Where they truly excel is in their ability to get into the minds of professional AV stagers, because when push comes to shove, many of their technicians have stood in those shoes. QC’d, performance ready equipment is an easy sell, we just needed to get the word out.

What did we learn?

A client might have the best product hands down: but unless we research, target and deploy an easily digestible message for consumers to embrace, it may go unnoticed.

Services Provided