Case Study

We go beyond the one-size-fits-all mentality that encapsulates much of the automotive marketplace. With highly targeted, personalized messaging, we cater to the wants and needs of the Metro Detroit community, creating conversations that meet the consumer right where they are.

family gathered on a couch to view a tv with a silverado advertisement from metro detroit chevy dealers for Personalized Automotive Marketing
collage of work examples done for metro detroit chevy dealers for various platforms and formats for a personalized automotive marketing approach


For the Chevy Blazer “Skydiving” commercial, we used five skydivers in a vivid display, aiming for a vibrant narrative that marries adventure with the Blazer’s attributes. Our vision was not just to capture attention but also to emphasize the Blazer’s innovation and adaptability, reaching a broader audience. Complemented by uplifting local tunes and striking cinematography, our portrayal truly embodies the Chevy Blazer’s adventurous spirit and cutting-edge features.

thumbnail image from the Chevy Blazer video shoot with skydivers for personalized automotive marketing


The Chevy Blazer “Sunflower” commercial reveals a simple story, centering around a family enjoying a day in a sunflower field. Our goal was to create an endearing visual narrative to link the Blazer with joyful family moments and showcase its versatility and design. Sometimes the simplest stories are the most effective…especially when the footage is gorgeous.

thumbnail image from Chevy Blazer video shoot at a sunflower field


In this Chevy Trax “Skatepark” commercial, it’s all about the thrill. Watch as people zip around on rollerblades, setting the scene for an action-packed day. What steals the spotlight? The Trax’s “bigger, bolder design” is front and center, turning heads and making a style statement.

thumbnail image from Chevy Trax video shoot at the Ambassador Bridge for a skateboarding shoot for a Personalized Automotive Marketing approach

Social media

Our social media approach for the Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers is focused on highlighting the details and dynamic design of each vehicle without it feeling like a commercial allowing the viewers to enjoy the content, but not feel like they’re being sold to. In these slideshows, we aim to deepen the connection between the viewer and the Chevy brand and inspire them to want to see more.

3 phone screens displaying social media creative for metro detroit chevy dealers personalized automotive marketing approach