Chevy Drives the Motor City, and We Drive Their Messaging

Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers

Project Description

The local marketing association for the Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers aims to create good will throughout the community by participating in local outreach initiatives as well as creating messaging that speaks to our local and very unique market. The partnership we have with MDCD is a picture of longevity — one whose ongoing commitment to one another has led to its overwhelming success.By finding a natural connection to the brand through community, we are able to consistently connect to individuals emotionally and strategically.


Traditionally, the automotive industry has been a practitioner of the “hard sell.” It is an ingrained way of advertising that as of yet, they have been unable to shake. Today’s consumers have grown wise to the hard sell and instead respond to things that resonate with them on a more personal level.


Endear the Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers to a local audience by creating branding and messaging that reminds the consumer of home. 

– Create a seamless working relationship with client
– Ensure local messaging is front and center on all marketing tentpoles
– Build trust through familiarity and nostalgia
– Guide consumers to Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers website for conversion
– Act as a local resource for information about what is going on in and around Detroit


Everything that we produce for the Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers shows that they live here, they work here and they play here. We aim to show that they are more than just the Chevy Bow-Tie. They don’t just care about the community, they are a part of it. They are your family and your friends and they like to go to the same places and do the same things that you do. 

Services Provided