The Tool and The Website That is Built to Last

E-Z Burr Tool Company

Project Description

E-Z Burr is a manufacturing company that specializes in designing and manufacturing high quality deburring tools for high volume work or specialty applications. Their slogan “Easy. Fast. Built to Last.” informs their customer return rate which sits at 95%.


The manufacturing industry tends to lag behind when it comes to advertising. While E-Z Burr has always been ahead in their industry, they still needed help catching up to others. The website they started with was progressive from a UX standpoint, however we knew they needed more than that. Standard updates in optimization and the tool finder were necessary to create a streamlined experience. More than that, accurately representing online how their tools work in real life was central to the project.


Create 3D Animation to show how tools work
Strategy for PPC that targets a niche audience
Create engaging print assets
Create tool finder
Refresh brand experience


First we worked on the tool finder. Initially created on an outdated system, it was time to rebuild on relevant software and to current web standards. From there we created a 3D animation to show how the tools operate, which acts as the central focal point of the site.  The animation in turn, informed the look and feel of our print assets.

SEM optimization was especially tricky because these tools are not meant for hobbyists and the term “deburring” can mean multiple things. We came up with a strategy which in part relies on negative and long tail keywords along with geo-targeting and brand terms to ensure that we are reaching the target audience.

What did we learn?

E-Z Burr is a unique client in that they are one of the few B2B companies on our roster. Working to target the correct audience for a very specific tool was eye-opening and at the end of the day, it helped us to grow as an agency.

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