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October 17, 2023

Give & Take: The Truth About Email Marketing

2 Minute Read

Despite being one of the oldest forms of digital marketing, email marketing remains one of the modern age’s most effective and powerful marketing tools. It can prove to be very fruitful if done correctly.

There are 4 billion daily email users and 58% of them check their email before any other app (Hott, 2023). When your newsletter lands in someone’s inbox and they actually take the time to open it, you have their full attention…use it wisely. 

Customers will become blind to a never-ending stream of coupons, deals, and promotions. By sending relevant content you can grow to be a brand people on your email list will trust. They will want to hear from you and listen to what you say.

Our golden rule of email marketing is to give just as much as you take. Email marketers can’t send non-stop, low-value promotional emails and get returned with an engaged audience. By sending relevant content, the newsletter will stay relevant in a user’s inbox… and their  mind. The classic give and take of email marketing, a newsletter has to provide something of value to make users want to sign up and stay engaged.

Engaging users can be accomplished by providing content that is related to a product or service but not directly selling it. Expanding on related topics can peak a user’s interest and establish you as a relevant source on the topic. Connect with your audience by telling a story of importance. 

Once a customer is listening and engaging with content, it’s your turn to listen to them. Every user is at a different point in their buying journey. Reaching them at every point of this journey can produce more results and make your customers feel like they are being heard. 

We here at Strive Creative love the power that data holds (so much so that we wrote a whole blog about it). Data reflecting a user’s interaction with a newsletter can expose a great deal regarding their interest and buying habits. Analyzing clicks and opens from an email list can unlock key opportunities for personalization. This personalization allows you to join your customers on their buying journey and send them content they actually want to see.  

Users are more likely to take the next steps if the information they need is conveniently provided for them in their inbox. Email automation allows for this personalized content to reach the right audiences. Since a relationship is already established, a customer is more likely to consume the information you are providing. 

At its best, email marketing is a give-and-take relationship where both parties benefit from being part of the conversation. It also offers valuable insights into what those customers want and need. By listening to your customers and providing them with the content they’re looking for at every stage of their buying journey, you can increase sales and engagement while building a stronger relationship with your audience. 

Email marketing is only one facet of the larger buyer’s journey. So… is your brand utilizing email marketing to its greatest potential? Emails are an immensely effective tool that, when used correctly, can assist customers in their buyer journey. By integrating email within your overall marketing strategy, it will provide an overall lift to other marketing efforts, by helping educating established customers and enticing new ones to act.


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